Our guidelines require that your household spend no more than
35% of its gross monthly income on rent.  
Gross income is before any deductions for taxes.

The required gross monthly income, based on our current rates, is as follows:

Unit Size Minimum Gross Monthly Income
1-Bedroom $2,785
2-Bedroom $3,700

We require a copy of your most recent paystub(s) to verify your income.

It is illegal in Massachusetts to discriminate against a prospective tenant on the basis that they receive some portion of their income from public assistance.  However, unless you have a Section-8 voucher, your income must meet these guidelines.  For more information about Section-8, please click here.

If your household does not qualify financially, you may still obtain a lease by presenting us with a credit-worthy guarantor.  Simply have the guarntor fill out an application and submit it along with your own.

Once we determine your financial ability, then we will check your credit and contact you prior landlords for references.  We may also check your criminal background and/or eviction records.